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The Magical Typewriter

A unique open-world wizard simulator with magic, spells and adventure!

The world of The Magical Typewriter is a rich, vibrant, and beautiful place full of adventure and things to do. Many different objects in the world can be interacted with interesting ways. You can cast different spells with magic wand, fly with your broomstick, write with the magical typewriter to earn coins and brew magic potions. So start your adventure in the magical world now and meet many different characters in your journey.

Frequently asked questions

How to get to the Dark Forest?

How to save the Wizard from Grim Mountains?

How can I scare the frost wolves away?

How do I get coins for the broom and magic wand without using money?

When is the next update for The Magical Typewriter coming? I can't wait.

I have finished the main story, but then I teleported back to the typewriter room to continue to get coins. When the next update comes out, will there be a way to go back to where the game ends without having to redo the whole story?

How do we save the dragon? The Ice Golem keeps killing me.

Where is the shrinking potion?

I bought coins, my money's gone but I got no coins.

I found the wizard, but now I have to find his staff. How do I find it?

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