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Wizards Greenhouse Idle

You arrive at your new Greenhouse. Take a deep breath and enjoy the view. It is not just any greenhouse, but a magical one.

In this Greenhouse, you will produce mana, the secret ingredient used by witches and wizards all around the world. You will sell the mana to magic shops, magic schools, and trusted individuals.

Do your job well and you will earn your reward in gold. Maybe get something for yourself too. How about an owl, a dragon or even a magical castle to live in!

Start now and become the Master Herbalist of Magic. Your practice of this very special magical herbalism will be vital to all witches & wizards around the world.

Frequently asked questions

I want to restore my game in a new device

Feel like I'm getting close to running out of content and hope you haven't forgotten this app. If you need ideas, I have them. Please say you have more in the works?

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