Frequently Asked Questions




Question: Feel like I'm getting close to running out of content and hope you haven't forgotten this app. If you need ideas, I have them. Please say you have more in the works?

Answer: I plant to make new content for Wizards Greenhouse Idle for years to come. Lately, I've been busy finishing the first raw version of Magical Creatures. I will be working on Wizards Greenhouse Idle now again, and I have lots of new plans. I'm always interested in new ideas as well. If you write them here, I'll read them.

Question: I have had my owl for a while now, and it has stopped delivering me letters. Is this a bug that needs fixing?

Answer: Wizards Greenhouse Idle is a new game, and it has three first quests at the moment. More quests will follow in coming updates of the game, so stay tuned for more. Right now, I'm also working on a "spin-off" of Wizards Greenhouse Idle called Magical Creatures that is more focused on quests and adventure. It has taken much of my time lately. My game company is very small, and I'm working on many projects, but I will update all of my games whenever I can. So please stay tuned for more quest for Wizards Greenhouse Idle. When a new quest is ready, your owl will deliver a letter to you.


Question: I have finished the main story, but then I teleported back to the typewriter room to continue to get coins. When the next update comes out, will there be a way to go back to where the game ends without having to redo the whole story?

Answer: Yes. You can go back up with the stairs to the room with the harp and the portal that will lead to the Grim Mountains. When the next update comes out, you can continue the game where you left off. Just don't remove the game, or you will lose the progress.

Question: When is the next update for The Magical Typewriter coming? I can't wait.

Answer: The next update will be released when it's ready. That is all I can say. The first season of the story is released, and it ends in the depths of the Grim Mountains. The game and the story will continue from there. I have written the story already, but it will take some time before the next season of the game is ready, and the story continues.

Question: Where is the shrinking potion?

Answer: First, you need the recipe for the shrinking potion. Follow the game objectives and complete them. After you have saved the Wizard from Grim mountains, you will receive a letter from the Caretaker. The letter contains the recipe for the shrinking potion. Once you have the recipe, find cauldron. There is one in the Castle Kitchen and Tavern in the Sky. Prepare the shrinking potion there. Go back to the Storage Room with a note about Barrel Town and tap the 'Drink the shrinking potion' button. Please note. You can only shrink at the Storage Room.

Question: I found the wizard, but now I have to find his staff. How do I find it?

Answer: There is a door beneath the Wizard that will lead to the next puzzle where his staff is. You will arrive in a long corridor. Walk to the Wizard's staff and pick it up. Picking up wizards staff will trigger the trap doors. Drink a potion of speed and at the right moment, run away from the corridor as fast as you can. You can hold the run button to go even quicker.

Question: How to get to the Dark Forest?

Answer: See the video on YouTube. Link.

Question: How to save the Wizard from Grim Mountains?

Answer: See the video on YouTube. Link.